Ultimate Lacrosse is dedicated to growing the sport, by increasing the skill development, competitiveness, and overall lacrosse IQ of the young women who play it.

What if I cannot make the tryout date?

If you have a conflict on the date of our tryout please email us and we will let you know if we have alternate / make up dates available.

If I play another sport can I still be a member of Ultimate?

Of course. Ultimate recognizes the importance of becoming an all around athlete. Therefore, we encourage players to pursue their other interests. That being said, we are an elite club team that requires a high level of commitment. If you feel that your participation in these other sports takes precedence over lacrosse, and will inhibit you from participating in certain mandatory activities, it could affect your placement onto a team. Ultimate Blue will consist of the most talented players that are willing to make a full time commitment to the club.

What if I cannot make a mandatory tournament?

Each player is expected to attend all of the mandatory tournaments. If for some reason you miss a mandatory tournament without appropriate notification you will be fined $50 and might lose your chance at attending future tournaments. If it happens more than once your status with the club will be reviewed. Certain exceptions will be made for extreme circumstances.

Do I have any additional fees?

Yes. You must pay the additional tournament entry fees. Additionally, you are responsible for all travel and hotel fees.

Do I have to come to all of the events?

Yes, we have a tournament package that we expect all members to attend.  All the other tournaments outside of the packaged events are optional. However, the more tournaments you attend, the more chemistry you will have with your teammates, and the better you will perform for the college coaches. Not to mention, a large part of being on Ultimate is just having fun, so we try and do that as much as we can.

What if I want to register for the year above me?

Email us and we most likely will have you come to the tryouts. There are a lot of young players that are very skilled and if we feel that you can keep up with them we will give you an opportunity. We also have started Ultimate Rising which is for 1st through 5th grade. This may be the perfect fit!

What do I do if I want to get Ultimate gear?

Ultimate is committed to providing each player with the things necessary to compete. However, we also have gear for the parents and players to enjoy. We open a team store every 2-3 months with the most up to date awesome Ultimate gear!  This will always be posted on our website.

What if I have questions about College?

Ultimate is committed to assisting you in finding the best fit for you to compete at the college level. As a coaching staff we are always happy to help you compose your college list, and discuss your future. You can email your respective coach with questions. Check out our Recruiting page which has specialized packages just for you if you need/want more personalized assistance!