Elite Teams

Elite Teams are top quality players chosen through a tryout process. Elite players show dedication to learning, skill progression, and heart in every day they train and compete.

ELITE combines the best of the best from all the ELITE regional teams in order to give athletes an extra opportunity to play at an ELITE level. Each ELITE athlete has the opportunity to tryout for the ELITE team of their age group and compete in extra tournaments with the best players in the ELITE program! Athletes selected for ELITE are guaranteed a spot on their regional team as well!


The two primary goals of the ELITE program are:


(1) COMPETITION - we know you get this within your region but imagine if we're taking THE most competitive players from each region and you have the opportunity to compete and learn and engage at a consequently higher level both within practices and competitions.


(2) VISIBILITY - because Elite permits a higher level of competition, teams are entered into higher brackets within tournaments and compete within historically smaller but more inclusive events.


What is included? 
- Two Fall tournaments and One Summer Tournament
- One practice held the evening before tournaments
- Fall 2024 Tournaments
        National Fall Fest: October 19-20 (Edgewood MD)
        NXT Fall Continental Cup: Nov 9th-10th
- Summer 2025 Tournament -
        TOP THREAT (Basking Ridge NJ)