Why Ultimate?

ULTIMATE is one of the most storied girls-only lacrosse programs in the country. The club was founded to give girls an opportunity to play lacrosse and to develop into great players and people. The club has existed for over 20 years and is recognized as an anchor in the travel club industry. 

ULTIMATE boasts several locations including the areas of Princeton, NJ (NJ), Philadelphia, PA (PA), Chester Count, PA (CC), Chapel Hill/Raleigh, NC (NC), and Charlotte, NC (CLT) . We offer a year - round program for grades K - HS (11th grade). Our club has been recognized as a top Program in the country given the competitiveness of our players and teams. We accomplish this through a relentless focus on player development.


“We consider ourselves fortunate that our two daughters are able to be a part of Ultimate Goal Lacrosse.  We have watched them grow as athletes under Ultimate’s development paradigm, which provides exposure to high levels of competition while equipping them with extensive skill development and training opportunities.   Ultimate helps to facilitate and empower each athlete to take ownership of her development pathway.  The coaches and staff are professional in their approach and have challenged our daughters to strive to be their best.  We are pleased to see daughters confident when approaching any new lacrosse setting knowing they won’t need to rise to the occasion but can rely on their training.  We are excited to see them apply this principle in other areas of their life.  We highly recommend Ultimate Goal Lacrosse to those who are serious about taking their game to the next level.”

-The Lee Family

Ultimate Lacrosse has had a significant impact on all three of our daughter’s lives.  Each of our daughters was introduced to Ultimate at a young age.   We evaluated many teams, both locally and regionally, and none of them offered as competitive and comprehensive of a program as Ultimate.  The staff cultivates skills that will help your child well beyond the lacrosse field.   Ultimate focuses not only on your daughter’s athletic development, but also on her personal growth as an individual. From the top down, all of the coaches in the program bring a love of the game that is contagious and they are always introducing new training techniques and drills in order to stay ahead of the competition.  Our children have become passionate, dedicated, competitive, adept athletes because of the outstanding, highly qualified coaches and staff Ultimate has to offer.  This club knows the recruiting landscape inside and out, and has deep relationships with many of the lacrosse coaches throughout the country.  Our oldest daughter was recruited as a Division I player to a Top Ten Ivy League lacrosse program, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Ultimate.  The coaches have instilled invaluable life skills in our children such as:  hard work; determination; collaboration; focus; commitment; and perseverance.   Our daughters have made life long friendships, learned from world class athletes through Ultimate's close relationship with the WPLL; travelled the country; competed at the highest level in this sport, and were given opportunities we would have never have imagined for them.    They will wear many jerseys throughout their life, but they will always know that their passion for the game and development as players all started with their Ultimate family.

- Michele and Michael Koch

We have been part of the Ultimate Lacrosse program for 5 years. The most notable difference with the Ultimate program versus that of other clubs in the area has been the consistent coaching that our daughter received as well as the hands on support from DJ. Her team was coached and cared for consistently, the communication was excellent, the commitment exceptional and the energy contagious. The primary emphasis of the program was on performance as a student athlete and the steps necessary to play at the next level. DJ has been intimately involved and is deeply vested in each players success both on and off of the field, recognizing the value and importance of both.  I have no doubt that my daughter will be ready for the next step with the level of preparation she received from Ultimate’s program. The program has left an indelible mark on my daughter and as parents we will be forever grateful!

-Chryiese Ammerman