Raleigh Little Laxers

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Event Details

  • Dec 3, 10, 17
  • Jan 14, 21
Cost: $200
Location: St. Mary's School
Format: Clinic and small sided play
Grades: K-5


Introducing the Little Laxers Program, the perfect lacrosse experience designed for the youngest athletes in Raleigh, NC. Operated by Ultimate Lacrosse, this program offers a fun and educational introduction to lacrosse for children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Whether your child is an aspiring lacrosse superstar or brand new to the sport, the Little Laxers Program is the ideal choice for developing skills, building character, and fostering a lifelong love for this exciting game.

Why Choose Ultimate's Little Laxers Program:

  1. Expert Instruction: Our program is led by seasoned coaches who specialize in working with young athletes. They focus on teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse in a way that is engaging and age-appropriate. Your child will receive expert guidance and support throughout their journey.
  2. Emphasis on Fun: We believe that learning should be fun, especially for young children. The Little Laxers Program introduces kids to lacrosse through enjoyable games and activities that promote skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  3. Inclusivity: Ultimate Lacrosse is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all children. The program is designed to accommodate a range of skill levels, ensuring that every child can participate and flourish.
  4. Character Building: Beyond lacrosse skills, our program instills valuable life lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance. These qualities are essential for success both on and off the field.
  5. Safe and Supportive: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our Little Laxers. Our program is well-organized, with a strong focus on adhering to safety protocols and creating a supportive environment where children can thrive.
  6. Access to Quality Facilities: St. Mary's School provides a convenient and well-maintained location for our program, ensuring that your child has access to excellent facilities and a comfortable environment for learning and playing.
  7. Pathway to Future Success: The Little Laxers Program is just the beginning of a child's lacrosse journey. As they grow and develop their skills, they can seamlessly transition into our middle and high school leagues, ensuring a pathway to continued growth and success in the sport.

Join us for the Little Laxers Program and watch your child's love for lacrosse take flight. With experienced coaches, a focus on fun, inclusivity, and character development, your child will not only learn the game of lacrosse but also valuable life skills. Ultimate Lacrosse invites you to be part of a fantastic lacrosse experience in Raleigh, NC that will shape your child's future, both as an athlete and as a person. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey with our Little Laxers Program.