“Ultimate has been an enormous part of the girls  lives over the past six years.  They have a multitude of  memories, life long friends and have grown as people and players.  It is amazing to watch and see your young children grow into beautiful young advocates for themselves.  The skills that they have acquired over the years have carried into their every day lives.  As a mother, you like to see that playing a sport is more than a competition.  That it is about being a part of a team and organization where you have to work together to achieve success.   That your character is made by the way you handle yourself when things do not always go your way and move you  forward and learn.  My daughters have achieved much more than winning lacrosse games, they have built character and I am proud of who they are becoming and Ultimate has been a big part of it.  Thank you again and please know that we have always been proud to wear the ULTIMATE uniform.”

–Anne Acker


“Thank you for offering an amazing program for my daughter to play lacrosse over the past few years!   We were extremely happy with all the coaching she has received which allowed her to learn and grow as a lacrosse player and also a better athlete overall.  The  assistance provided by Ultimate that enabled  her to continue playing lacrosse in college was a big part in her success!  She hopes one day to be a positive role model and coach for younger girls like she had during her years playing for Ultimate.”

–Teri Taylor


“Three of my daughters have been involved with Ultimate Lacrosse for a total of seven years. After playing Ultimate for four years, my oldest daughter went on to play for a Division 1 college team. Her experience with Ultimate is one of sheer determination and success, and it was only possible because of the invaluable guidance and experience of Michele DeJuliis and her Ultimate Lacrosse program…”

–Lois Ueland