Speed, Agility, & Conditioning

It is important to set a goal for speed, agility, and conditioning, and decide what you need to focus on most to improve as a player. If you need to get better at change of direction to have better defensive footwork, focus on agility. If you want to be explosive off the draw and get that “first step” on your 8-meters, focus on starts and speed drills. If you have perfected your skills but aren’t able to perform at your best for a full game, focus on conditioning.

Ideally, you will continue to strive to improve all three areas, so this program is set up for you to complete three workouts per week: one for speed, one for agility, and one for conditioning.

It is important that you perform a dynamic-warm up to prior to training. Select one drill from each category to perform on three separate days throughout the week. Speed and agility drills should be short and intense. Focus on every single repetition and doing everything right.

As you continue to train using these drills, you should notice improvements in form, speed, recovery time, etc.

Speed Focus

1. Line sprints x10 reps

a. This is to be done over a 10-yard space focusing on acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction

b. Starting at line A, sprint (or any other running varieties—shuffle or backpedal) across to line B

c. Touch line w/ hand, complete 5 consecutive, 10-yard sprints touching the line each time (50 total yards)

d. Allow full recovery before you begin the next rep.

e. Examples of drill variations

1. Sprint 10 yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L - sprint 10yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L - sprint 10yd. R

2. Sprint 10 yd. R - back pedal 10 yd. L - sprint 10yd. R - back pedal 10yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L

3. Shuffle 10 yd. R - shuffle 10 yd. L - shuffle 10yd. R - shuffle 10 yd. L - shuffle 10yd. R

4. Sprint 10 yd. R - carioca 10 yd. L - carioca 10yd. R

2. 5, 10, 15s (Shuttle)

a. Complete this as a shuttle: Sprint 5 and back, 10 and back 15 and back; rest 45-60 seconds and go again

b. ALWAYS touch the line with your hand.

c. Focus on the start—getting to top speed

d. You may also do this using other forms of movement:

1. Sprint 10 yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L - sprint 10yd. R - sprint 10yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L

2. Sprint 10 yd. R - back pedal 10 yd. L - sprint 10yd. R - back pedal 10yd. R - sprint 10 yd. L

3. Shuffle 10 yd. R - shuffle 10 yd. L - shuffle 10yd. R - shuffle 10 yd. L - shuffle 10yd. R

4. Sprint 10 yd. R - carioca 10 yd. L - carioca 10yd. R

3. 40-yard Build-ups (x10 reps)

a. Begin on the end line. The distance is broken up into a 10yd, 20yd, and 10yd sprint at increasing percentage of top speed.

b. Sprint the first 10 yards @ 85%, the next 20 yards @ 90%, and last 10 yards @ 100%

c. Make sure you FINISH all the way through the line; Allow yourself 20-30 yards to slow down

d. Walk to the opposite end line, turn around and repeat the build-up

e. These are to be explosive off the mark and to work up to full speed over the last 10 yards.

4. 10s xAMAP (As many as possible)

a. This workout is focusing on short bursts with the goal of getting to 100% of your sprint over 10-yards

b. After you warm up, set the time for 20 minutes. On a field (or other space), mark off 10 yards and make sure you leave room to decelerate.

c. If you complete 1 sprint, walk the width of the field before you go again; at this time, you should be fully recovered

d. Complete as many 10s as possible in 20 minutes with full recovery between sprints to ensure that you’re able to focus on your start (really drive your feet into the ground over those first few steps) and acceleration

5. 60s

a. Begin with 5 starts (10 yard sprints), focusing on getting off the line fast

b. Complete 10 x60-yard sprints with full recovery

*60s will prepare you if you are timed in a 40-yard dash (sprint test).

  1. “Jump” Drills

    1. Jump rope 3x1-minute
    2. Line hops 3x30 seconds each way (forward/back & side/side; double leg & single leg)
    3. Vertical jumps:

-Double leg 3x5-stick the landing

-Single leg 1x5-stick the landing; 2x5-rapid fire

    1. Standing broad jumps 5x10 jumps-stick the landing; 5x10 jumps-rapid fire
    2. Finisher! “skaters” (Rapid fire) 3x1-min, 20 seconds rest


  1. T-Drill x20 reps (10 Left, 10 Right) Full recovery

    1. Start, finish and numbers represent cones
    2. Follow numbered pattern from start, return to 1 then finish
    3. Athlete should keep back to start/finish throughout drill
    4. Sprint up to center cone, shuffle left, shuffle right past center cone, shuffle back to center, backpedal through the starting line.

  1. “Square of Joy”/Box Drill

    1. Make a 10x10-yard box; Begin in an athletic stance (knees bent, on the balls of your feet)
    2. Go around the box changing speed and method of movement (shuffle, backpedal, carioca, broad jump, etc.); any time you change direction, squat down and touch the ground with both hands.
    3. This is for time: 3x1-minute rounds with 30-seconds rest to begin; work up to 5x2 minute rounds
    4. “Circle of Joy” can be done using center circle.

  1. Figure 8 (x8-15 total reps; full recovery)

    1. Drop the hips at the corners
    2. Keep the feet moving at the corners
    3. Break down at each corner
    4. Full acceleration out of each corner

  1. M-W Drill

    1. Set up the drill as represented by the diagram (use 10x10-yards)
    2. Emphasize cuts; Keep feet moving
    3. Drop the hips at the corners
    4. Slow down going into the corner and full acceleration out of corner; push off hard when changing direction.
    5. Complete 5 reps each direction for 10 total. Add 2 reps each time you do this drill until you can successfully complete 10 reps each direction with maximum efficiency.

    1. Hills/Stadiums/Prowler

      • If you have access to a stadium that’s great. If you don’t—I’m sure you can find a hill (steep and at least 30 yards). Sprint up (skipping every other stair for stadiums) and walk down as your rest. Once you get to the bottom, immediately go again. Focus on creating as much pressure through the ground as possible; hard steps! If for some reason, you live in a desolate area with no stadiums or hills, you can set a treadmill to the highest incline (sprint for 10 seconds=1 hill).
      • If you have access to a prowler (weighted sled that you push), begin with 6x40-yard trips (weight will vary). Allow yourself some time to recover between reps, but treat this as conditioning—work fast!


    1. Fartlek Run

    This is essentially an interval speed workout in which you will alternate between sprinting and jogging for a longer distance (2 miles at most). If you decide to run on a track—sprint the straight aways, jog the curves. If you do this on a treadmill, you can time the

    sprint/rest intervals. After you warm up, go for 20 minutes. If you do this outside, pick landmarks for your sprints (i.e. “I’ll sprint from this mailbox to the end of the street”)


    1. Boxing

    This is great conditioning and even better for hand-eye coordination! During Ultimate JUMP, will use the Bas’ Rutten Call Outs. I recommend you purchase or download the boxing tapes for these workouts; if you are unable to do this, simply throw punches for time. You do not need a heavy bag or gloves—just shadow box. Start with 3x2 minute rounds and work your way up (4x2min, 5x2 min, 3x3 min, etc.)

    1. 7-Ups

    Done with a partner, over 10 or 25-yard intervals. Both athletes start on the end line. One person sprints the designated distance, say 10-yards. Once they cross the 10, their partner sprints 10. Then the first person sprints 10-yards and back, then they rest while their partner goes, always working within a 10-yard space. Continue from 1-7 (or 10-yards, to 70-yards). Full 7-Ups are done over 25-yard intervals and both pairs sprint from 1-7, repeat 7 and work back down to 1. Your rest time is while your partner is sprinting and vise versa. If you don’t have a partner, you can time your rest intervals.


    1. 300s

    Complete 3x300-yard sprints with 2-minutes rest. Sprint distance may vary and can be completed as follows:

    1. 25-yards (up and back 6 times)
    2. 50-yards (to the 50 and back 3 time)
    3. 100-yards (3 consecutive 100-yard sprints)
    4. 25 and back, 50 and back, 75 and back


      • Drills that have left and right starting point will use the left and right start as 1 repetition
      • On all drills requiring cuts, stay low and keep your feet moving (do not round off cuts; you want tight turns)