Charleston and Savannah Tryouts 2024


CHS Tryout Dates

2026 - 2035
@ SCLA Lax Ranch
July 23, 6PM - 7:30PM,
Aug 6, 6PM - 7:30PM

SAV Tryout Dates

2026 - 2035
@ Daffin Park
July 24, 6PM - 7:30PM
Aug 7, 6PM - 7:30PM

As summer approaches, we invite you to explore an exciting opportunity for your daughters in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA: Ultimate Lacrosse. This vibrant program brings together girls from across these regions, offering a unique platform for skill development, team camaraderie, and competitive play. With tryouts scheduled for July and August 2024, girls born between 2026 and 2035 have the chance to join a community where their passion for lacrosse can flourish.

Ultimate Lacrosse isn't just about honing individual skills; it's about fostering a supportive environment where young athletes learn the value of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. By combining players from Charleston and Savannah, we create a dynamic roster that competes in prestigious tournaments, showcasing their talents on a broader stage.

Join us in empowering your daughters through the sport of lacrosse. Ultimate Lacrosse not only prepares them for the challenges of competitive play but also cultivates lifelong friendships and memories. Encourage them to seize this opportunity to grow as athletes and individuals, surrounded by a community that shares their passion and commitment.

We look forward to welcoming your daughters to Ultimate Lacrosse and witnessing their journey to excellence on and off the field.

Charleston Location

Savannah Location