The Ultimate Lacrosse Club was created to develop individual and team skills in young female athletes who want to take their game to the next level. We want to provide an atmosphere that is fun, exciting and competitive. Our main focus is on player development, leadership, responsibility and accountability.



Ultimate Lacrosse is an elite program and to become a member you must undergo a try-out on a yearly basis.

Ultimate will provide you with top-level training, skill building, and exposure at some of the most popular national recruiting tournaments. This will give you the tools needed to compete and eventually excel at the college level.

In order to ensure that each player will receive the individual attention that they deserve, we will have one elite team per age group. These teams will be determined by the coaching staff’s assessment of each player’s abilities, position and strength at tryouts. In the future, if there are multiple teams within an age group there will be different levels. It is important that the players and the parents understand and respect the coaches’ professional decisions. All decisions are made thoughtfully. All groups will be provided with the same training opportunities and high level coaching, regardless of team placement. We will have fall packages available, but please do not expect your summer team to stay in tact due to the high school sports season. The fall teams will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

All players are not only expected but are required to attend all practices for their age group. If a player cannot make a practice for a certain reason, contact must be made to their coach at least one day prior. Missing multiple practices without a legitimate excuse could affect a player’s ability to enter into certain tournaments.

Ultimate Lacrosse strives to teach each player the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and leadership. These skills will help our athletes to excel on the lacrosse field and in life. In order to make this growth possible, we strongly encourage that our players rather than parents initiate communication with their coach. Each player will be held accountable for her actions as well as the decisions that she makes.


Zero Tolerance Policy:

Ultimate Lacrosse upholds a Zero Tolerance policy for racism,  drug use, underage alcohol use and bullying.  Any such action will result in immediate dismissal from our club.


Players that attend all practices will have a greater chance of getting into every tournament. Optional tournaments if offered for players must be paid for by May 1, 2020.
If Ultimate provides a development team they will not have the same tournament regulations as the Elite teams. The coaches will decide what tournaments if any, the development team will attend. This decision will be made based on the improvement of the players and their desire to compete.
Our Teams Coordinator will book room blocks at tournaments that require this in order to stay eligible for their events.  We expect that when we send out information that you abide by the rules of the event and book through the link that we provide.  Even though it is our goal to have a more cohesive club dynamic we are sometimes restricted by tournament directors that only allow you to book through them and give limited rooms per hotel.  If the entire team does not reserve through their links the team would be removed from the tournament. (i.e. All IWLCA tournaments require this)

Once our blocks are full we can provide the travel agents information and they can help you moving forward.


If we are attending a tournament that does not require team travel through their agency then you are free to book however and wherever you want.
Information regarding hotels, tournaments and player waivers will be a combination of posting  on our site and emailing you directly.

  • Tournament schedules: posted by link on the tournaments page.
  • Hotel information will be emailed directly to you
  • Waivers will be emailed out with link to complete
  • Even though we will try to maintain team chemistry, players and parents must understand that certain tournaments will require a mixture of ages. As much as we want to keep the teams together, we also want to give those individuals dedicated to competing and improving as much as possible a chance to do so.
  • Players should arrive at the fields 30-45 minutes before their first scheduled game. This rule is necessary to ensure that you have enough time to find the field and get warmed up.
  • Coming late to tournaments is unacceptable and may result in loss of playing time. This is considered the player’s responsibility and not the parents.
  • We strongly discourage players from participating in or joining other club lacrosse programs that will take away from their commitment to Ultimate. We do not want to have to compete against our own players.



Ultimate will only consider a refund in the event of an injury. This includes weather related cancellations. A doctor’s note is necessary to confirm a player injury. We WILL NOT refund for those players that decide they no longer want to play or take a break from lacrosse. ANY refund will not include the non-refundable deposit and the processing fees.  The processing fee will not be refunded under any circumstances no matter when you registered. We will absolutely NOT prorate for events/dates that a player can’t make. After December 31st Ultimate will not issue ANY refund for any reason including injury. In the circumstances of an injury after December 31st, a program credit may be applied to your account.



Your membership fee covers the following:

  • 12-14 highly competitive, organized and fun practices with teams
  • Quality coaching to improve individual & team skills
  • 3 optional skill sessions in the spring
  • Ultimate mini camp at Westtown school ( Up to 5 additional training sessions, guest coaches & meals included)
  • Use of coaching staff for college references
  • Exposure to the top colleges and universities in the country
  • Cost of fields and equipment
  • Club salaries and expenses
  • Team membership for all elite tournaments
  • Recruiting support powered by Connect Lax and Coaches
  • Recruiting assistance in all regions from our front office
  • Sponsored by UNDER ARMOUR
  • UA Custom Uniforms and gear delivered to your door prior to season
    • Under Armour T-shirt
    • Under Armour Shorts
    • Under Armour Pinnie
    • Under Armour 1/4 zip or long sleeve



When registering for the fall you will need to pay a $500 deposit which is non-refundable. There will be absolutely no refunds after September 1st, 2019. All fees are due by September 1, 2019.

Fall Uniform:

All players that are new to Ultimate will receive a new uniform pinnie and shorts in the fall for their uniform.

All players are expected to wear that pinnie and shorts for tournaments.



Travel expenses are separate from the annual membership fee. However, optional tournaments will be required for the girls to sign up and pay for by May 1, 2019. This is a new policy that has been put forth to ensure that those individuals who commit to Ultimate are willing to attend the mandatory tournaments for their given age group. These tournaments are crucial to the recruiting process depending on the age of the team. This consistency from our players will only be beneficial to our team and individual success.

Our membership and tournament packages vary per graduation year due to the different demands of each age group.  The fees will cover the following:

  • Individual registration in tournament
  • Coaches hotel accommodations & expenses
  • Coaches per diem salary
  • Tournament administrative costs
  • Once an entry fee into a tournament has been paid it WILL NOT be refunded or used as a credit to the next tournament. In the rare occasion that a tournament is cancelled in advance, the entry fees will be reimbursed/credited only if we receive a credit from the tournament that was cancelled.

Players MUST pay fees by the payment due dates. Failure to do so will forfeit players place on the roster. Tournament fees will not be refunded. Period.

$50 fine will be enforced for those individuals who sign up for a tournament and then fail to attend without due notice. These players will also risk losing their right to participate in future tournaments.



We require that all players must be members of US LACROSSE to supplement their own insurance policies. (All tournaments require that athletes have this coverage) USL memberships numbers and expiration dates must be supplied by October 1, 2019. We will check US Lacrosse memberships monthly!! To register go to: http://www.uslacrosse.org



Ultimate will keep records of all transactions. However, parents are encouraged to do so as well.



Players are required to bring all necessary gear to every event. If gear is stolen or lost there will be a minimum of a $25 fine in addition to the cost of the gear, and may take up to 3 weeks to be replaced. We will not replace custom backpacks, sticks, sweatshirts or shorts unless we have enough replacements.

Once a uniform pinnie is assigned you will not receive a new one in the same year. Members may order a new pinnie for $25.00.



Parents are expected to trust our expertise on making decisions regarding all coaching strategy, team organization and standings.
We will not tolerate unruly parent behavior.

This includes any of the following:


  • Approaching a team coach about your child’s position and playing time
  • Yelling on the sidelines to opposing team players, coaches, parents or officials.
  • Coaching from the sideline (any player)
  • This will be reason for immediate dismissal from our club.