Novice Training Program
4 Weeks

This program is designed for someone who has learned how to properly execute the primary barbell exercises: Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bent Over Row. The assistance exercises will support these movements to train the body overall and help you develop a foundational level of strength.

Please refer to the document Lift Technique Reminders for a checklist of proper execution of the barbell exercises.


Training Suggestions:

  • As you first start strength training, I recommend getting a notebook to keep track of the workouts and weight you use to see progress and help decide what weights you can and should use for future workouts
  • Perform body weight exercises (Push-ups, Pull-ups, Inverted Rows, etc) more frequently for faster improvements…with great form, of course!
  • If your form starts to suffer, stop the set!
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  • Ssw/ = Superset with (alternate between 2 exercises)
  • AMAP = As many as possible (quality reps!)