Elite 2026 - South

ULTIMATE ELITE GOALS - the primary two goals for this Ultimate Elite program are:

(1) COMPETITION - we know you get this within your region but imagine if we're taking THE most competitive players from each region and you have the opportunity to compete and learn and engage at a consequently higher level both within practices and competitions.

(2) VISIBILITY - because Ultimate Elite permits a higher level of competition, teams are entered into higher brackets within tournaments and compete within historically smaller but more inclusive events.

Looking at these goals, #1 has to happen before #2 and, with the Ultimate Elite age groups, we have a little breathing room with #2 in terms of timeline.

FOCUSING ON THE COMPETITION - for 2022 we're going to focus on the competition - for 2023 we will bring in the tournaments (one winter and one summer event) and, importantly, this timeline is perfect for even the oldest (2024) group - in fact this will be exactly in line!


Elite practices will include invited players that will compete together once per month with a practice instructed by Michele DeJuliis (DJ - bio here), college coaches and/or pro players.


  • Sunday, December 5th from 12-2:30pm at Matthews Sportsplex


  • Sunday, January 9th in Raleigh Area - Time/Location TBD


  • Sunday, February 13th from 12-2:30pm Cannon School


  • Sunday, March 6th from 12-2:30pm at HPU


  • Sunday, April 3rd from 12-2:30pm at HPU


  • TBD


(Dec 2021-June 2022)


  • Players will be evaluated over the course of their play during the fall season within each region and on a rolling individual basis, will be invited to participate with the Ultimate Elite program.
  • Players from the class of 2026 and 2027 from Ultimate CLT, Ultimate NC and NC Fusion are eligible for the 2026 Elite Team.