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What is ConnectLAX?

ConnectLAX help players maximize their recruiting exposure and connect with college coaches. Mobile recruiting profiles helps players be found on the field and put their information at the fingertips of college coaches.

How does ConnectLAX make money?

ConnectLAX has paid recruiting plans and video services. Paid recruiting plans have additional services and tools to help players get recruited.

Recruiting profiles and the information listed on the player profiles is public. However, only registered college coaches or recruit connections can view a player's full academic profile.

ConnectLAX protects all your personal information consistent with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ConnectLAX does not store credit card information.

How do I get recruitied?

We recommend players download our recruiting guide and start researching schools that fit them on and off the field. With a target list of schools created, players can then connect with coaches through their recruiting profile and by finding events on campus though our event directory.

The first step is to build a target list of colleges that match your athletic, academic, social and financial preferences as well as your lacrosse ability. Create a personalized target list here.

 Does ConnectLAX protect my privacy?

Yes. Personal information is not publicly available on the service. Personal information such as an email address and phone number will be shared when you book a training session. Player's can anonymously ask questions of instructors before booking. In addition, ConnectLAX allows every user to make their profile private.

Player/Parent Recruiting Information

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When should we get started in the lacrosse recruiting process?

The coverage of lacrosse recruiting creates the impression that many recruits are committing as freshman, which creates an environment of fear of losing out. The reality is these players are an extreme minority.

Yes, lacrosse recruiting is starting earlier but use that as an excuse to invest in the classroom and build your fundamentals. This will help set you apart throughout the whole process. College is a 40-year, not a 4-year decision, so take your time building your target list and personal recruiting timeline. College coaches hold roster spots open throughout the process.

Review our step-by-step recruiting guide to learn what steps you need to take each year of high school to put yourself in the best position to get recruited.

Is your recruiting service for both boy’s and girl’s recruits?

Yes. Every service we offer is for both genders and our college directory has 738 registered women’s programs.

How important is having a highlight video for coaches?

It is extremely important. With an ever-increasing number of recruits and events, college coaches focus their efforts the recruits they can evaluate most easily. Coaches requested our recruit finder provide the functionality to search only recruit profiles with highlight videos. Learn how to build a great highlight video here.

How do I upload my highlight video?

Upload your video to Youtube, which is free. Then paste the video link (URL) into Photo & Video section of your Personal Profile tab. You can click View Public Profile under your picture to confirm it is playing correctly.

How do I create a highlight video?

Follow these tips to build your own highlight video. We recommend shooting your own footage but having a professional video editor create the final product. This generally creates the best video at the best price.

Every college coach is registered on ConnectLAX?

Yes. Head and assistant coaches from over 1,400 college programs are registered with ConnectLAX. We are constantly tracking coach movements to stay up-to-date. We work closely with a number of college coaches to ensure our service provides maximum ease of use and all the criteria they need to advance recruits in their evaluation process.

What will my messages to college coaches look like?

Every email includes your message and a link to your profile, which coaches can easily review without logging in, except to see your academic information.

How will having my own personal recruiting coach help me?

Your personal recruiting coach reviews your goals, academic standing and highlight video to help target schools that fit you on and off the field. You will receive a MVP Report Card to see how your skills stack up and identify areas to improve on along with exercises to address them. Your personal recruiting coach will also walk you through the recruiting process and answer any questions you and your family have.

Do college coaches see the schools I have bookmarked in my profile?

No. Only your club and high school coaches see the schools you’ve bookmarked if you are listed on their team roster. If you are not listed on any team rosters, then it is only visible to you.

How do I get endorsements from my coaches and instructors?

You can request endorsements from your Messages tab within your profile. Each coach will be emailed with your request and learn how to complete the endorsement. Alternatively, you can email a link (URL) of your profile directly to your coaches direction them to leave an endorsement at the bottom of your profile page.

Can I list my recruiting profile on multiple team rosters?

Yes. Varsity and MVP recruits can list their profile on multiple team rosters at no additional cost.

Can I see which college coaches have looked at my profile?

No. We’ve found this to be of little value given if a coach was interested after reviewing your profile, he or she would message you.

 Is my academic information public?

You can set the privacy of your academic information within your profile. You can set your academics to only be visible to registered college coaches, ConnectLAX members or everyone. Entering your academic scores is a great way to set yourself apart as coaches want to target their efforts on recruits that fit their school’s academic profile.