Club Values


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Our values are Culture, Community, Character, Compete, and Confidence.


CULTURE: We want our players and families to be part of a club that has an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere. Yes, we can be ultra-competitive while still having fun, showing respect for all, and doing the right thing. Culture is “Queen”!

COMMUNITY: You get to pick your community in life, and we want to give you every reason to pick ULTIMATE. We are a club that aims to always support each other.

CHARACTER: We provide our players opportunities to grow and develop into great people.

COMPETE: Our players work hard and bring their best to practice. We encourage our players to go full speed in practice to be game ready, and this allows us to be competitive in every game we play! 

CONFIDENCE: We teach our players to believe in themselves and try. This is the definition of confidence. Our players are comfortable trying new things, working through failure, and ultimately finding success.